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alternativas para mejorar la competitividadde nuestro sector (mejorar los costos de electricidad y servicios financieros; acceso al crédito; modernizar infraestructura y equipamiento, etc.).According to Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, or SARE, there are three broad goals, or pillars, necessary to achieve sustainable agriculture. They are long-term profitability, stewardship ofland, air and water, and quality of life for farmers, ranchers and communities.

Let’s look at the first goal-- the profit pillar. Certainly, no one can stay in business long-term without securinga profit. SARE could spread the word about this pillar among the growing segment of the population that looks with disdain on what they term “industrial” or “factory” farming. Large-scale operationsare generally necessary these days to attain “long-term” profitability.

Over the last 30 months or so, livestock producers have lost money faster than they could balance their books. Pork producershave lost an average of $20 to $25 per market hog during much of that time period. How many small farmers would be able to survive those economics?

Everyone has different tastes and interests whenit comes to food. Those who seek smaller food producers and local output are welcome to enjoy it. The critics of modern agriculture however, must realize that their wishes are not consistent with anabundant, safe and affordable food supply.

Locally-grown food is fine for a few but the world is on a fast growth track. Agriculture must serve many or we will all need to expect much higher foodbills and increasing world hunger.
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