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  • Publicado : 30 de septiembre de 2010
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The election of race in a complex and numerous society is common in the majority of the adolescents; because most of they have several vocations and an enormous range ofoptions to choose. At the end of secondary the many young people, confused and disoriented they decide to perhaps take a sabbatic year thinking that they will have more time to choose, or with theintention of not assuming responsibilities that are conceited the more complex in a tertiary level and with the secret fear of not being able to do to them in front. Finally they are decided to begin withouttaking brings back to consciousness that there are lost a year. During the course of a race they can pass many things. The life is full of unforeseen expenses and everything changes. The conditions oflife of a person can modify suddenly by any circumstance and can happen that they must leave the race before finishing. Of this eventuality nobody is free, and is at those moments when we realize ofthe time that there are lost without reason and the importance that has learning not to waste it. The possibility of the change of life forces to us to have other tools not to leave a race by economicquestions. The fact that the majority of the people owns several vocations allows them to follow a race alternative of short duration, that allows them to specialize in some of its specific ability,that offers the possibility them of acceding to a good work remunerated to be able to continue studying, in the case of needing a pay. Some have facility for the languages, others for the computationor to compose music or perhaps to play some, also can that they like the carpentry, the blacksmith shop, the painting or sculpture, the crafts or the preparation of clothes, etc. It is important todevelop an alternative race and not to concentrate solely in a single interest. The multiple interests improve the quality of life and favor the adaptation, in circumstances in that the profession...
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