Alternative fuels - essay

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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2010
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In this writing i am going to talk about the alternative fuels, because i think that the non renewable oil combustion (speaking about fossil oils mainly) is a harm to the ozone layer, andits an actual and important matter to be spoken of, I will principally refer to the factors increasing demand for alternative fuels, and later of the most known types of renewable energy.
Speakingabout the real self-consciousness of the people about earth environment, seen in every day, we can see some statistics like the bought of more alternative fuel vehicles, but if we really think about it,maybe it's not only that what make people buy such things, maybe its kind a related to the geopolitical sustainability of each country, since they can product them own energy, an energy that can berecycled, or better said it can be used again and again.
The major environmental concern is that "Most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is due tothe observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations". Since burning fossil fuels are known to increase greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, they are a likely contributor toglobal warming. In that matter we can clearly see that at least some professionals are worried about the care of the environment, but thats not enough, we need to make everyone to think about thisreally important theme, cause the climate it's getting mad, and the so called eternal ices are getting melt, and can cause the dead of several species of sea animals, and thats not all because it couldget to sink many human lands, and with that problems would start new political problems about sovereignty.
Other disturb its that the majority of the known petroleum reserves are located in themiddle east. There is general concern that worldwide fuel shortages could intensify the unrest that exists in the region, leading to further conflict and war.

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