Always running

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English 96
"Always Running"
In the book of always running the author Luis J. Rodriguez begins by giving us details about his family, and how his family suffered so much in LosAngeles. Ramiro and his family faced many problems like fights in school, racism, depts, and constantly moving from place to another with out having a stable home and that they are not able to find a decentjob with which sustain their entire family, language problems, and that he also didn't go to kindergarden. In this chapter the auther focused on describing his childhood. In the second chapter theauthor shows how he said that they were killing there own races mexicans vs mexicans He also talked about how in schools they got seperated the whites with the whites and the mexicans with the mexicanssome asians mixed with both but there was alot of seperation between races not alot of genders thought mostly race. A lot of hate there is a lot of violence because of the rasieism.
2) QUOTATION:"If you ain't from no barrio, then you ain't born."- a 10 years old boy from south San Gabriel
this quotation is for those people who is in gangs- Chapter 2, pg. 35
i think this quotation means thatpeople who is born in a different country and come to live to another country at young age they don't belong there or here. because they dont have a culture only the parents and it is like if youdidn't belong to any place.
My impression about this chapters was that how these people suffered so much in their life. It's shocking how a child could go through all this atsuch a very young age. I think that it's sad for a child to suffer so much at this age. Even though he moved at a very young age and lived a very poor lifestyle, i think that its interesting how hemanages to survive.
the author Luis Rodriguez had a difficul life in his childhood what kind of impact would he have in the future because of that?
What is Luis's attitude about...
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