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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2011
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“Mexican Association to help children with cancer” was founded in 1892 by Mrs. Guadalupe Alejandre. It´s the first Mexican institution that helps cancer children completely following fourprograms, the first one is Care Support to the treatment, the second is Human Development, the third is Commitment and Willpower, and the last one is to decentralize.
The mission of the institutionconsists on helping and giving support to children without resources and younger than 20 years old with cancer.
The protocol is that girls, boys and teenagers that don’t have enough money for theexpensive treatment and without social security, will be proposed by the pediatric oncologists to join AMANC and enjoy the benefits of their four programs.

Childhood cancer is the second leadingcause of death in Mexico. Recently, it has been recorded that there are seven thousand children with cancer annually, and only 1500 of them have the resources to get the special treatments. This iswhy AMANC performs different campaigns to raise funds for all the treatments.

Treatments last approximately 30 months, although some children take longer to react positively.

There are severalspecial medics and volunteers in the association that participate in various workshops that in a way help in the children’s treatment. Some of these workshops are painting, movie club, video games,ceramics and crafting.
Some of the campaigns that have been done to support this association are
*Cumpliendo Sueños, Salvando Vidas.
*Banamex Ayuda AMANC.
*Campaña de detección oportuna

This lastcampaign was to let the parents know the child cancer has a cure and the most important thing is to be detected on time. That’s why in buses and in some announcement the symptoms of this sicknessappear.

Foundation Azteca, IXE, Alpura, YMCA Group and Matel are some institutions that have supported AMANC since his beginning.

The establishments of AMANC are located in “Distito Federal,...
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