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Because we are linked to environmental issues, in theory and praxis, at same time, we are concerned to opinions about what happen by outside knowledge in our country, and much more even than those authorized as yours.  Please, an other thing, from were come calification of the worst environmental situation in Perú affirmed by you?.(

So, we think will be interesting to send you following information, waiting your comments or asks.

       The careful lecture WORLD ATLAS  of ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION edited by  IUAPPA, besides to expand our knowledge, also allow us to confirm, that our work, in this aspect, has been in goodway.  In fact, I published my first text TECNOSFERA- La Contaminación Atmosférica y sus relaciones con el Público, (Air Pollution and its Relation with Public), 276 pag., Lima-Perú, yet in 1983, edited by myself, in which we find similitude with Atlas, in treatment of some themes.

        Thus, metheorologies subjects, behavior of stack emissions, ozone layers (up and down), pollutants (gases,heavy metals, and perticles) were, (are), of main interest in our publications.  (Illustrations adjoint).

        .  About ozone “hole”, we treat it, since first worries (fifties’, time of “Ozone War” publication), begun related not to Cl-F gases, so to NOx  generated by incipient super-sonic aviation.  We make also reference to a very big international (USA-EU, and others) programnamed, “Climatic Impact Assessment Program” (CIAP-1972 -74), remembered as one in which “… fundamental science had application in something different to manufacture of weapons or economic production…” .

After that, we have pursued production of texts like ECOSFERA- La Ciencia Ambiental y los Desastres Ecológicos (Environmental Science and Ecological Disastres), two ed. 2000 y 2008, 526 pag. Lima, Perú, inwhich, besides to reiterated academic aspects of air, water and soils, pollution, main international disasters, including the ours, were remembered.  Accused episodes like Tchernobil, Seveso, Bhopal, Exxon Valdez, Prestige… and so on, are explicit there. In this aspect also there is coincidence with Atlas divulgation.  In some cases, happen that our texts made it, in more detailed.

It is sopermanent participation in lectures, conferences, writing articles, answer to questions, about pollution.  Our newly publication referes to very publicized Change Climatic (Cambios Climáticos y Tecnologías Simbióticas, 96 pag.  Lima, 2010.- Climatic Changes and Symbiotic Technologies), but not only in usual linear manner: “…Abundance of CO2, increasing of mundial temperature, snow and glaciers melting,“run-out” of waters, disappeared of inland countries”.  The booklet remember also there was time (sixty´s) when universal fears faced the opposite, the possibility of world became cooled by abundance of particles in atmosphere generated by nuclear weapons assays.  It is true this source is no more active, but there are natural remplacement, the volcanos, ten per cent of them, in continousactivity.  May be its byproducts a reward against of cooling gases?.

•          Our tasks are not limited to writing material production and make efforts in its diffusion, under slogan, “Care of Environment Starts in Knowlodge”. When we have some economic means (always very short), we assume also field evalutions.  Last one was a survey of air quality over river Rimac basin (it affords waters to near tenmillion people in Lima), from sea shore to near 4000 m high, inside a program which acronym RECUPERA. 

      Terrain of this basin comprehended in study is very abrupt, with a slope changing between three to four m, so, in only 140 km run, we can reach near 4000 m.o.s.l.

     Rimac (see illustrations). Basin is divided naturally in low, meadle and high.  Usually (official) air quality...
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