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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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24 October 2010
“Hazard Warning on the Border: Mexico and U.S”

Is our World a safe place? Apparently not, this world has a lot of problems that constantly everybody needs to face. Especiallyundeveloped countries were people often suffer poverty, violence among many more. Therefore, some people are forced to leave their countries for better opportunities and a safe place to raise theirchildren. However, developed countries are affected by this problems in the same environment but especially by their neighbors. Probability everybody is thinking how can they be affect by their neighbor,well most of those conflicts happen in the border. Many countries are not aware of this problem till it is to late; meanwhile, everything is happening underwater metaphorically speaking.

An Exampleof two countries that are experiencing these conflicts are Mexico and U.S. As all we know Mexico faces a crisis of extreme violence by powerful drug cartels ( groups ). In the other hand U.S has aeconomic crisis and a war against terrorism. For right now we are going to focus in Mexico's drug conflict, and as hereinafter U.S is being affected also on a smaller scale. Mexican drugs Cartels (Groups ) have always marketed and produced drugs to the eyes of the Mexican government; however, the Mexican government is so corrupt and crooked that has not done much to stop these drugs cartels (groups ). Drug Cartels makes around $ 18 billion and $ 39 billion annually and most of the money is smuggled in bulk ( Because of their wealthy status Drugs Cartels, has an incredible weaponsfor military use and highly trained people willing to use against anyone. They also manage to buy the most advance technology and transportation to maintain their communication and trade routes withtheir customers and group cartels. The reaming money use to bride members of the government and law enforcements,Drugs cartels know that no one can resist a few millions of dollars in cash. As a...
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