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F. of Goverment Religion Population Economy Ruler´s Name An Important F. Mointans Rivers States /Province
Social democrat Catholic 92% (less than 20% practicing), Protestant 2%, Jewish 2%, other 4%39,537,943 Food processing, motor vehicles, consumer goods, textiles, chemicals, petrochemicals, printing, metallurgy, steel Cristina Kirchner La Patagonia
Commonwealth 279,254 David ThompsonCommonwealth Catholic 62%, Protestant 30% (Anglican 12%, Methodist 6%, Mennonite 4%, Seventh-Day Adventist 3%, Pentecostal 2%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1%, other 2%), none 2%, other 6% ( 1980) 279,457Garment production, food processing, tourism, construction Dean Barrow
Socialist Roman Catholic 95%, Protestant (Methodist evangelists) 8,857,870 Mining, metal casting, petroleum, food anddrinks, snuff, handicrafts, clothing Evo Morales
Social democrat Catholic (nominal) 80% 186,112,794 Textiles, footwear, chemicals, cement, timber, iron ore, tin, steel, aircraft, motor vehicles andparts, other machinery and equipment Lula da Silva
Commonwealth Catholic, Protestant, Presbyterian, (freedom of worship) 32,805,041 Steel, sulfuric acid, aluminum, automotive, sugar, cement,electricity, fertilizers, iron Stephen Harper
Conservative Catholic 89%, Protestant 11%, Jewish 16,136,137 Copper, other minerals, foodstuffs, food preparation based on fish, iron and steel, wood andwood-based products, transportation equipment, cement, textiles Sebastián Piñera
Conservative Catholic 90% 42,954,279 Textiles, food processing, oil, clothing and footwear, beverages, chemicals,cement, gold, coal, emeralds Álvaro Uribe
Social democrat 85% Catholic, Evangelical Protestants 14%, sometimes less than 1% 4,016,173 Microprocessors, food processing, textiles and clothing,construction materials, fertilizer, plastic products Laura Chinchilla
Socialist Nominally, Catholics (85%) before taking charge CASTRO power 11,346,670 Sugar, oil, food, snuff, textiles, chemicals,...
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