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  • Publicado : 22 de junio de 2010
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by Jenifer Madrid

The discovery of America is without a doubt one of the highlights of world history because it meant an encounter between two human worlds that had beendeveloped independently, and neither knew about the other's existence. Christopher Columbus landed in America during his first expedition on Friday 12, October 1492 to the island called "Guanaham" in theBahamas. Colon had as initial intention to be on the lookout for a new route to Asia.

The process of conquest did not began until the third expedition in 1498 when Columbus reached the part ofthe continent we now known as Venezuela. Columbus died in 1506 not knowing that he had discovered a whole new continent and what it would come to represent in the story.
The question of who wasChristopher Columbus, its origins and because he obtained the support of the kings to perform this task has many assumptions. Which includes theories such as that he was descended from royalty, to that hewas a vulgar thief that the Kings sent to sea to death, and that was the reason why the king granted him titles and benefits never before granted to none other person in the document known as the"capitulaciones de santa fe”

...Vuestras Altezas fazen al dicho don Christoval su Visorey e Governador General en todas las dichas tierras firmes e yslas que como dicho es el descubriere o ganare enlas dichas mares, e que paral regimiento de cada huna e qualquiere dellas, faga el eleccion de tres personas para cada oficio, e que Vuestras Altezas tomen y scojan uno el que mas fuere su servicio, eassi seran mejor regidas las tierras que Nuestro Señor le dexara fallar e ganar a servicio de Vuestras Altezas....

No matter where the origin of colon was or why his expeditions were sponsored bythe Catholic king, Columbus's discovery helped Spain to become the "Empire" that was during the S. XV to S.XIX.During this period Spain conquered America, undertook the first crusades against...
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