American's goverment

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What is government?
*Institution through which a society makes and enforces its public policies.
*Legitimate use of force to control behavior within a territory.
*People surrender to their government some of their freedoms (sore reignty).
Types of government
A. Government by one
*One individual has the power to make all the important decisions.
*Autocracy (bad)
-Usually run by adictator .
-Power is maintened by force.
-Found in:
~Hitler’s Germany
~Mussolini’s Italy
~Saddam Hussein’s Iraq
*Monarchies (can be good or bad)
-Run by a king or a queen.
-Power is hereditary.
-Found in:
~Russia (before 1917)
~Israel (Ancient biblical times)
B. Government by a few
*Oligarchy (doesn’t usually work well).
C.Government by many
*People make all of the choices in government.
*Democracy (republic)
-People participate in the political process.
-People are against all authority and therefore make their own rules.
-Cannot be a long term, there is a chaos.

A. Government by the people.
B. Types
1. Direct: People elect officials in government
2.Representative: People are represented by officials
U.S has both
C. 5 things must be present in order to have an effective democracy:
1. People must be able to decide on political issues.
2. People must follow the law, or at least respect them.
3. Rights of the political minority must be protected. Freedom of speech.
4. Will of political majority must represent.
5.Policies must be for publics good.
D. The people are given the right to make their own choices.
1. Political.
2. Economic
E. Each person is politically equal.

A. Karl Max and Friederich Engels are the fathers of modern socialism.
B. The government owns or controls the factors of productions (land, labor, capital, business man/woman)
C. Democratic socialism1. Government does not excise total control over the lives of its people

I. Totaliarism socialism (communism)
A. Karl Max argued that the following would occur in capitalism
1. Marx believed that the capitalists would exploit workers.
2. Rich (Bourgeoisie) would become super-rich , and workers (proletariat) would get poorer.
3. Workers would then overthrow thegovernment, take all meand of production and divide equally among themselves.
II. Vladimir Lenin
A. Led the Bolsheviks against the Russian czars (kings) in 1917
1. Banks governments owned.
2. Took business.
III. Joseph Stalin (1924-1954)
A. Ruled the Soviet Union with an iron first.
B. 5 year plans to help strengthen Russia
1. Focused on military, science andtechnology.
2. Produced steel, iron and coal.
3. Low quality of life.
4. Archieved almost 100% literary.
C. Responsible for the deaths of between 5-25 million people.
IV. Did it work?
A. USSR had 3 social standard of living.
B. Extremly low standard of living.
C. No money.
D. No war for military.

Origins of the U.S government
A. The first permanent Englishsettlement in US was 1607.
B. Most were from England.
C. Wanted Religious freedom and wealth (they were own).
D. The colonist brought three ideas about government.
1. Ordered government.
*Backing responsibilities into small units.
*City, country, state, federal government.
2. Limited government.
*Government is not all powerful
*Each of us has god given rights that cannot betaken away
3. Representative government.
*Government represents the will of the people.

Old English documents
I. Magna Carta (1215)
A. Contained:
1. Trial by jury.
2. No taking life, liberty or property without due cause.
B. Established Monarchy (kings) not absolute.
II. Petition of right (1628)
A. Required:
1. Trial by jury
2. No martial law during...
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