American culture

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QUIZ # 1

1. You just found out that your mother is sick. You go to work, and an American co-worker asks you, “How are you?” What do you say?

b) “Fine, How are you?.”

2. An American hasinvited you to their house for dinner. Should you bring anything?

a) Yes.

3. Two of your co-workers are talking, and you have to ask one of them a question about a project you’re working on. Whatshould you do?

b) Interrupt their conversation and ask the question.
4. You are invited to a wedding reception that is going to begin at 3:00 pm. What time should you arrive?

b) At 3:00.5. You’ve been married for 10 years, but you’ve never worn a wedding band. Should you wear one in the United States?

c) Yes.

6. Is it expected that a woman will sleep with a man if he pays fordinner?

a) It depends on the person.

7. You and your neighbor get along very well, and they tell you, “Come over anytime.” What should you do?

c) Call before you go over.

8. You meet anAmerican at a luncheon. They ask you what you do for a living, and after you tell them, you ask them:

b) What they do.

9. You just started a new job, and you need to make a personal call. Whatshould you do?

c) Don’t make the call until lunch time, and do it outside your workplace.

10. An American tells you that your shirt is nice. What do you say?

a) "Thank you."


1. The official language of Colombia is:
You answered: Spanish
2. Yawning in public is considered to be impolite in Colombia.
You answered: True
3. The Spanish word‘Senora’ means what?
You answered: Mrs
4. The Colombian flag contains which three colours?
You answered: Blue, Red and Yellow
5. The capital city of Colombia is:
You answered:Bogota
6. Colombian greetings are:
You answered: Brief
Incorrect answer. The correct answer would have been: Relaxed and never rushed
7. Which of the following is the most popular choice...
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