American gunfight

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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2011
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American Gunfight: A shared dream

In chapter 2 of American Gunfight, by Stephen Hunter and John Bainbridge, Jr, 2 Puerto Rican share adream: That one day Puerto Rico will be independent and free from the oppression and the tyranny of the United States. It’s a dream and a cause theybelieve with all their heart and would do practically anything for it. Even dying.

The 2 Puerto Ricans are Griselio Torresola and OscarCollazo. They are full supporters and active participants in the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party. They are also very devoted to the party’s leader,Don Pedro Albizu Campos. Griselio is young, hot-headed, and extremely loyal to the Nationalist Party and to Don Pedro. He only had one job in allhis two years in New York. His whole life was politics and the Nationalist cause. According to the book, “he has been working in politics,raising money, communicating with the New York junta of the party, carrying messages, buying ammunition” (13)

On the other hand, Oscar Collazo wasolder than Griselio (11 years older to be precise) and wise and more level-headed than Griselio. He’s a student of hsitory and philosophy, andeven lived upstairs from Don Pedro himself. According to Hunter and Bainbridge, Oscar “was highly placed here in the Nationalist junta of NewYork” (14) Although he was comitted to the cause as much as Griselio, Oscar built a life in New York, had a good reputation and was a part of society.
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