American histoy 19th and 20th centuries

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Instituto Superior Terciario Prof. Dardo Rocha
U.E.P Nº 71


AMERICAN HISTORY: the 19th and 20th centuries


▪ Professor: Erica Centurión▪ Students: * María Cecilia Roa Mendez
* Natalia Sánchez
* Natalia Pittau
* Lilián Vera
▪ Year:2008


This term is used to sharp socio- economic and political differences that divided the United States into the Northern and the Southern states. They were:

|differences|Northern States |Southern States |
|Socio- economic |*They advocated high tariff to protect|*High Northern tariffs affected their |
| |their industry. |interest of the farmers. |
||* They were against slavery |*they defended slavery. |
|political |*As the country was divided, the |*South California declare itself out of |
| |Northerners belongs to The Union |the union and form The Confederacy. |

As we said, the nationwas divided by its interest, attitudes and overall lifestyles.
Northerners focus on fast-paced business and industry. By contrast, the southerners’ economy relied on slow and steady agriculturalgrowth. Planting and picking crops was the work of slaves who supported plantation owners with their labor. Slavery was the big issue between the north and the south.

1. Discuss the impact of the CivilWar

The Civil War lasted four years. It took more American lives than any other war in history. It divided the people of the United States and they fought against each other. The war's terrible...
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