American slangs

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The Ultimate Guide to American Slang

• Action – excitement, can have a sexual connotation; “Do you know where the action in this town is?” “Let´s go out to the club tonight because I wouldlike some action.”

• All-nighter – studying all night, often used with ´pull´; “I had to pull an all-nighter to finish it, but I was able to turn my essay in on time this morning.”

•Barf/puke – vomit (can be verb or noun); “He got sick on the plane and barfed all over the seat.” “She was so drunk that she fell asleep in her own puke.”

• Big mouth – talk too much; “Shut up! Youhave such a big mouth.” “Jenny has a big mouth so she´ll probably get us into trouble for cheating on the project.”

• Blown away – greatly impressed. “I was blown away by his donation of amillion dollars to the orphanage.”

• The bomb/bomb – really cool. Awesome. “My sister is so much fun to be with - she’s the bomb.” “That party was bomb.”

• Booze – alcohol. “The restaurantwas BYOB (bring your own booze) so we brought a few bottles of red wine with us to dinner.”

• Break it up – stop. “I told the boys who were fighting to break it up or I would call thepolice.”

• Buck – dollar. “It cost ten bucks to see the movie.”

• Bummed – depressed. “I was really bummed when I found out I couldn’t go to Acapulco with my friends.”

• Bummer –unfortunate. “What a bummer that you can’t make it to the party tonight!”

• Buy it – believe it. “The sign at the store says that everything is half price but I don’t buy it.”
• Cram – studyhard. “I haven’t started studying for the test tomorrow so tonight I will be cramming.”
• Dirty – Obscene. Vulgar. “The movie was so dirty, I wish I hadn’t gone to see it with my mom.”
•Get into [something] – become seriously interested in. “I got really into salsa dancing after taking a few classes in Cuernavaca.”
• Get it – understand. “I listened to the joke three times,...
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