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Culture in America
In the Americas there are many and varied peoples who have a curious mixture of Customs. You can see clearly that these customs have been influenced by the geographical situation of the sector where they are the peoples or communities.
A deeper observation leads us to believe too, that most of the folklore of these peoples, apart from being related to the environment, isderived from pre-conquest past. It is important to note that in America there were large communities, towns, and I dare say many civilizations with rich traditions. Within this context we can mention the Inca culture, which even had scientific development. On the other hand are the customs and knowledge contributed by conquering peoples of Europe, who bequeathed customs and beliefs among which themain religion. These beliefs took a new form to be mixed with the Americans possessed. This occurred almost throughout the Americas.. Proof of this are the many religious festivals that are held in every village in this land. On the other hand, the experience received from the natives after a process of conquest whose main feature was the blood of hundreds of thousands of natives poured into manybattles, was in this town a spirit of burlesque copy conquering class. This sentiment can be seen across different folkloric events, which are in turn variations (sometimes humorous) of the dances, songs, instruments, etc., European.
The following is an excerpt from a letter written by Fray Bartolome de las Casas to the King of Spain:
The Indies were discovered in 1492 and the following yearwere filled with Spanish Christians, so that for forty-nine years he reached the new world ... This huge number of people of different races who lived in America God created the simplest, without evil or creases, very obedient and faithful to their natural lords and Christians who serve the most humble, more patient, more peaceful and quiet people who are in the world. No fighting or bustle, norancor, without hatred, without wanting revenge ... are themselves living clean and understanding, very capable and amenable to all good teaching: Very suitable to receive our holy Catholic faith and be endowed with virtuous customs ... In these gentle sheep quality and well endowed by their creator and maker, entered the Spanish just know them as wolves and tigers and lions cruelisimos hungry formany days. And they have not done anything in the last forty years to destroy, tear, carrying out massacres, cause distress, afflict and torment as never seen nor heard nor read ways of cruelty ... "
There are other cultures which received indirectly the influence of a new world These cultures can highlight some as Easter Island, The Jibaro, The Selknam, etc. More extensive culture of the SouthernCone is the Andean culture , which is strongly influenced by the presence of the Andes mountain range. The main town of the Inca culture is that it was more like an empire that had a remarkable development. Cities (called yours) and maintained pucaras settlements called the domain of large areas Rafic geog.
Worth highlighting cultures:

Maya Culture
By the 15 th century BC was established inwhat is now Guatemala and southwestern Mexico, a group of tribes that over time gave rise to the brilliant civilization Maya. These peoples did not form a united kingdom, but they established cities -state with institutions and customs. The Maya culture reached its height in the classical period or the old empire, between 300 and 900 ddC at this stage are the pyramids temples of Tikal, Palenque,Copán and Bonapak. For reasons unknown, around 900 the Maya abandoned their cities, temples and moved further north in the Yucatan peninsula, where they founded Chichen-Itza
Easter Island
Many questions remain unresolved about the origin of the inhabitants of Easter Island, as it is the most isolated place on earth. The most accepted theory is that their origin was due to migration from...
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