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  • Publicado : 21 de diciembre de 2010
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Technology in school

Few years ago, the internet was limited both in what it could do and in who
used it. Many people had Heard the Word but did not have a clue what it was.
Today, mostteachers have not only been exposed to the internet but also have
acces at home or at school.
A large number of schools are being retrofitted (to modify equipment) to place
the internet in everyclassroom. Even more exciting than this is the newest
technology call wireless. A school can purchase a (portable classroom) this
consists of laptops networked together, allowing students to work altheir desks
without wires. The good thing about this is that if the laptops are networked to a
printer, you can print from your personal cumputer to the classroom printer.

Todays schoolstudents have it easy with technology to do their homework or
finding information. Is also use to communicating with other students all over
the world through social networking sites, and even videoconferencing with
leaders of business and industry.
And its not just high-school kids who are making good use of the fast-moving
technology; primary school students are now being equipped with theskills
needed for the digital age.
School students are now being switched onto some of the most up-to-date
technology available, from laptop computers for students in year 9-12 to
interactivewhiteboards, video-conferencing equipment and even virtual
classrooms. Most of the technology that students are using are the same as
those in most homes, the main difference is that. In schools,their educational
potential is being explored.
Things are bieng taking into another level of education, the good thing about
this is that while you´re in school you have it all there to work withand is free as
long as you take advantage of it.
In the U.S. students have the advantage in every aspect of learning all about
technology. Technology is everything for humans now a day, i don´t...
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