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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2011
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Process to build an authentic Shelby

What could we do to save a damage Mustang 1965-1968? Unique Performance is the builder of Eleanor the Mustang Shelby GT500 E. Unique is saving and giving a newopportunity to these old models. Models are being renewed in order to not loose the legend of Mustang. Since it has been a big story beginning for Carol Shelby who built his own company in order tomodify cars and build new models, a Mustang was modified for first time by him. In this presentation we’re going to learn how it is build and all the process before it’ll be an Eleanor, Shelby andactor, due to it appeared in a film making called 60 seconds. Unique is offering 4 different models of Shelby GT500E:
-Base- investment- $119,000.
-Performance- investment- $139,000.
-Super Snake-investment- $214,000.
-Convertible- investment- $159,000.
Unique is going to build just 447 cars of super Snake.

The most important thing into the process is chose the body of the car. Engineers andassistance from Shelby Automobiles, follow the program established by Shelby American and A.O. in order to choose a Mustang with a straight frame. Then the cars are stripped and sent through arotisserie sodium wash process. Once the process has finished the cars have to rust free, if a part is still rust or have a structural imperfection are deled and repaired with new metal instead of the old.Once the cars improved their original specs from the Ford factory is time to send them to another stage.

Now is time to create a world class body work, it could be possible when cars emerges fromthe metal shop; the custom body kit is fitted to the car and is provided with the best parts made for this Mustangs models. This task is not easy, it’s requires hours of hard work, precision andengineers majored in the task due to the fact the fitted has to be perfect and they must be sure about it, since every single imperfection is corrected; when car is becoming as smooth as glass is ready...
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