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In this essay I’m going to talk about the largest tribe in the Northeast and North Central Florida and southeast Georgia who is the Timuca tribe. I’m going to talk about the history of the Timucua,Also I’m going to talk more about who they are, where they lived, what happened when they had contact with the Europeans Settlers, their language, their culture, what other tribes speak their language,What they used to wear, What they used to hunt and those stuffs, How this tribe disappeared, there are some theories about why they doesn’t exist today, and I’m going to talk about those theories, Ithink this part about the theories is very interested because, there are a lot of tribes and I think it’s important to know what happened to made disappear this tribe and It is more important becauseit says that they were the largest tribe in their zone.
The objective for writing this essay is to know more about this Tribe, to know their culture, how they lived, what language they speak. Ithink is important to know more about the tribes because you will know the different culture they have, what zones in the U.S. They lived, if the tribes still exist if they don’t, if they doesn’t existhow they disappeared, etc.

The Timucua were a Native American; they were the largest indigenous group in Northeast and North Central Florida and southeast Georgia. This tribe was ruled by ChiefSaturiwa.
Some People relate the Timucua tribe with the Muscogee.
The Timucua Were friends of Apalachee their enemy were the Muscogee. Since 1700 they were attacked by the Muskogee and English peoplefrom the South Carolina
“It is believed that the Timucua may have been the first Native Americans to see the Spanish explorers when they landed in Florida.”(
Timucua language was the primary language used in the area at the time of Spanish arrival. The people who spoke this language was Timucua proper (from Northern Utina tribe),...
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