The Evolution of a Distributed Operating System
Robbert van Renesse Andrew S. TanenbaumDept. of Mathematics and Computer Science Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Sape J. Mullender

Centrefor Mathematics and Computer Science Amsterdam

AMOEBA is a research project to build a truedistributed operating system using the object model. Under the COST11-ter MANDIS project thiswork was extended to cover wide-area networks. Besides describing the system, this paper discussesthe successive versions in the implementation of its model, and why the changes were made. Itspurpose is to prevent ourselves and others from making the same mistakes again, and toillustrate how a distributed operating system grows in sophistication and size.

"Those wholearnnothing fi'omhistory are doomed to repeat it" -Santayana For about eight years now, we have been doingresearch on distributed operating systems, not only behind our desks, but also behind our [continua]

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