An ideal zoo

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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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Write a composition of about 350 words on the following topic. Describe the conditions in an ideal zoo or wildlife park.

An Ideal Zoo
In order to decide what zoo would be ideal for allthe animals, it is essential to look at some main areas and to understand what conditions are acceptable for them. Nowadays, it is very difficult to build a perfect zoo and sometimes terrible torealize that the inner world of a zoo is damaging for the animals.
The most important feature of an ideal zoo is that all the surroundings should be similar to their natural habitats. Enclosures andbarriers to enclosures have to be maintained and equipped according to the animal’s needs. These must have sufficient size for burrows, nesting boxes, pools (in the case of aquatic animals), etc, and toallow animals to exercise themselves. Also, the appropriate temperature, ventilation and lightning of enclosures are relevant for the comfort and well-being of the particular species of animals at alltimes. A Better design can help stimulate an animal and prevent stress and boredom.
Moreover, it is important to give each animal a balanced diet. Food and drink provided have to be of nutritive valueand quantity for the particular species and for individual animals within each species, bearing in mind their condition, size and age. Zoo people must make sure that water, food and otherreceptacles, have to be regularly cleaned and it would be better and also possible to provide a zoo with such conditions where animals would hunt their food themselves.
The last point is animal and publiccare. On one hand, the health of all animals in the zoo must be checked daily and routine examinations and vaccination must be done in order to prevent illnesses which would affect not only animals, butalso people in the zoo. On the other hand, the zoo must provide different services and facilities to make visitors feel at ease there, such as bathrooms, car parks, pick nick areas and cafes, gifts...
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