An inspector calls

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Plot Summary of An Ispector Calls

In this essay I am going to write about the plot of An Inspector Calls.
All the story is set in the same place, there is no scene variation at all. There are 6main characters in the play.

In Act 1 the Birling family is having a party with a special convidated, Gerald Croft, the son of a very rich and important family who owns thei own propper business.You can tell there is armony though you can tell something is not completely right. Later on in the dinner Mr. Birling and Gerald are left alone at the table, they have a man to man chat, then Ericenters in the room amd joins with them. Meanwhile Edna appears and tells to Birling that an inspector is at the door, the Inspector enters in the room. Inspector Goole,a big-goog-looking man, with adisconcerting stare, sits on a chair and says that he is there because he is investigating about the suicide of Eva Smith. The Inspector shows a photograph of the victim to Birling, he recognises her andtells to the inspector that she used to be one of his employees who he fired not a long time ago. Coming up to the end of the first act the inspector asks Sheila if she recognises her and she admittsthat she forced the manager of the shop ‘Milwards’ to get her fired. Now Sheila feels very bad of what she did because now she thinks she had something to do with the dead of Eva Smith. Finally theInspector asks to Gerald about Daisy Renton and he makes an unvoluntary movement. Eva Smith after she got fired of her second job changed her name to Daisy Renton.

Act beggins and it is revealed thatEric Birlng has problems with alcohol. After the questionaire of the Inspector to Gerald finally admitts that he knew Daisy Renton and that he left a flat were she could stay for a time. They ended uphaving an affair. Sheila is not very pleased with the notice.
Daisy Renton and Gerald’s affair ended up so Gerald left her with nothing so he also felt he was involucrated in the suicide of Eva...
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