An interview with james bond, agent 007

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Alejandro Tenjo
English 10
August, 2011

Summer Reading: An Interview with James Bond, Agent 007
From Carte Blanche, by Jeffery Deaver


I have been a James Bond fan allmy life. Growing up I believe I have seen all of the movies in the series and I have read a few of the original novels by Ian Fleming. James Bond has been in the public eye for so long and is still sopopular after nearly 50 years that I really wanted to get a hold of this latest novel. Like other Bond books, this one has it all: action, intrigue, violence, a villain and of course, beautiful womenand exotic locations. Who could ask for more? Bond is the central character and main protagonist of the story so I decided to interview him. To interview any other character would not have had thesame impact. During my vacation, while reading Carte Blanche by Deaver I also looked over the first James Bond novel, Casino Royale written by Ian Fleming in 1953. In that way, I felt I could betterunderstand how the Bond character has evolved over the years. In the movies there have been several actors portraying James Bond. So I feel that the novels are changing with the times also.

Interview:Alejandro: Thank you 007 or may I call you James?
Commander Bond: Only women call me James. You, kid, can call me by official rank in Her Majesty’s navy, Commander Bond.
Alejandro: Ok, CommanderBond, you are the boss. What does 007 stand for?
Commander Bond: Within British Secret Service or M15, there is an elite group of secret agents numbered 001 to 009. We are on constant call to goanywhere in the world to protect British interests from any person or group that would try to harm those interests.
Alejandro: Commander Bond, what makes a double “0” agent different from other secretagents?
Commander Bond: We have a license to kill and in my many missions I have used that license countless times.
Alejandro: Commander Bond, you have been around a long time. How have your...
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