An unforgettable day

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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An unforgettable day
By Osmar Axel Cervantes Cabrera
Rachel´s family had an important reason for waking up early that morning and his mother had set the alarm for 5 am.
That day would be special,would not be an ordinary day.
The alarm rang, as the mother said, at 5 am sharp, the family seemed to be waiting endlessly to the clock struck the hour, then to hear the tiny notice that wasscheduled, all left their beds, did everything the habit of doing in the morning, that day was not a school day, so children were free and they jumped on all sides by the excitement of the place visited.Breast gave warning that in the next few minutes would come to the right place.
Everyone got in the car, the day the father would manage to get to the place as soon as possible.
Still you not have anyidea, how great is the excitement of the young to go to that place.EscucharLeer fonéticamente Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado
Then headed to the largest amusement park you've ever seen intown the "Circus de la vie", a French circus and only time would come to this city.
Once in the highway to the place which was the dream both for children as well as for the great, the children began tosing, these songs are typical of all trips. And ranks near the middle of the journey seemed that those songs from those happy children, were going crazy dad, so decided to increase the speed of thecar to see if they could reduce the amount of torture.
More and more, his wife asked him to decrease his speed, but he ignored.EscucharLeer fonéticamente
Diccionario - Ver diccionario detalladoContinued and continued until the inevitable happened, with this speed was imminent, the car crashed into another that came at great speed, nothing can end well, the children impacted by the windshieldout, because they had not seat belt, the Father impact your head against the steering wheel in a coup that was swift, the mother managed to get out and crawl on the tarmac to their children even took...
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