An unusual dream

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  • Publicado : 6 de octubre de 2010
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I don´t dream very often, buy when I do, I always have unusual dreams. As a matter of fact, Ihad an extraordinary dream last week. It was a very beautiful day and I was on a big ship. The sea was calm and quiet. The sky blueand clear, and the sun warm and bright. Suddenly, heavy clouds covered the sky. The sun disappeared; the wind began to blow; andthe sea turned to gray. There was such a fierce stam that the ship almost sank.

At that moment shin with a black flay and a crewof aimed pirates. The pirates jumped an to our ship and the battle began. I was as sailed by tree pirates at once. On pirate had along beaid; the second had a big black mustache; third one had a wooden leg. I had as word in my hand and I fought bravely. Allaround me a violent battle raged. Soon I was wounded and lay bleeding on the deck. Then, allot once, a very beautiful girl appeared onthe other ship. She gave some sharp commands and all the pirates disappeared. Their ship vanished too. It seemed to have beengulped down.
Immediately the storm stopped and the sun came out again. I was dazzled. Just then I was in my own bed the sun was shiningand there was a ray of light on my face. Perhaps it was that sun beam that had changed my night mare into a dream of adventure.
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