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Mexican Clothing

When talking about Mexican clothing, we must necessarily separate garments into three main groups:

• Modern clothes
• Traditional Mexican clothing
• Celebrationdresses and costumes

Mexican clothing do not differ very much from the clothes we use everyday. Thanks to the globalization, young Mexican people living in big cities trend to wear clothes likeloud-colored cotton t-shirts, snickers and jeans. But this changes a lot when we get out of the main cities and look into smaller towns, where we can see modern clothes with a “native” feeling, in majorcities, modern which is shown mainly by the colors chosen.


Ana Paula Vázquez Chapa

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A little bit of…



Mexico is acountry located in North America its capital is Distrito Federal. It’s the largest Spanish speaking country. Mexico was a Spanish territory. Mexico won its independence after fighting against Spain. Thewar lasted 11 years. Mexico is a Republic, the people of Mexico choose their own president. The decisions are taken between 3 branches: executive, legislative and judicial. Our elected president is Mr.Felipe Calderón.

Mexican Food

- Pozole: This soup features a lightly seasoned broth with hearty chunks of pork and tender hominy.

- Tamale: Made of cornmeal and minced meat, seasoned withred peppers, wrapped in corn husks and roasted or steamed.

- Quesadillas: Flour or corn tortilla with cheese.

- Enchiladas: Typically made with corn tortilla dipped in hot oil, then dipped in achosen enchilada sauce. The tortillas are filled with cheese or chicken and rolled up.

Mexican Religion

Today almost every person lived the catholic religion. We belived in God and the VirgenMary.


But the ancient Mexican religion was the Nahua religion, or religion of the Nahuatl (the first natives of Mexico).

It is believed to be a mixture of many different Mexican...
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