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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2010
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In history of the world we can see that there are many events that have put people in a bad monument in there lives. You have provably heart of WW1, WW2, the cold war and even the great depression.We can see how the suffer by wais, but one of the best and most realistic ways of experiencing it is the photograph. It let as fries time in a image that show as what have happened at that exactlysplit second. A photograph of the great depression got its fame for its manly of suffering and sorrow for her children future. The photograph is named Migrant mother, it show as a mother that worried forher children in a hard time in there life’s.
The great depression was a time were all the world was in a bad shape. It happened after the Second World War. Countries were in a lot of thetas andthe countries, not the world economy was at its worst. Even in the US had a really hard time; it started with the stock market going down. Banks and other business started to crash and people had nojobs, people start to suffer hunger and the only wanes that were not in reeks of servable where the top ampere class. This show as how people were having a roof time and how it was really had to maintaina family, even worst without a father.
Examining the photograph we can see many details, some of them are the bad condition of their clouding, the dirt and her children. But something thatis even more important is what it’s missing in the photograph. There is a parental absence, creating an idea of instability and lake of a protector of the family. A father is always needed to protectand comfort in hard monuments. When there is a paternal absence then it souse that the mother needs to fill in his place, giving her even more problems and preoccupations. That with the presence of apaternal figure problems would be lees and the pressure wood be lees for the mother. In other word she must work while taking care of her family and probably with an insufficient income.
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