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This module deals with the competitive position of your company. With the information you have at your disposal,perform the tasks and answer the questions listed:
1.- Identify whether your company has a competitive advantage or disadvantage in its primary industry. (Itsprimary industry is the one in which it has the most sales.)
A. My company has a competitive advantage in its primary industry.
3.- What are the distinctive competenciesof your company?
• Location: Our company is located only two driving hours away from the world’s biggest industry market, which is the United States; and at thesame time California, which it’s the largest organic produce consumer state in the US.
• Climate characteristics: Our company is located in an area where its climateallows us to produce for extended periods of time at a very low climate cost; advantage which provides us with the ability to offer year round production to ourclients.
• Production human resource: Our company’s production area human resource has a great world class ability to produce high quality products at a very effectiveand very efficient way.
• Board of director’s human resource: Our company’s board of directors has a group of members with individual unique knowledge, experienceand skills that make a great team for leading the company to market leadership at a very productive, socially responsible and climate favorable way for a long term.
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