Analisis creativo de prestamos

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CREATIVE LOAN ANALYSIS the real estate success system


Getting Started with Creative Loan Analysis

The Real Estate Success System’s Creative Loan Analysis Software package allows you to create intricate and dynamic payment schedules for creatively financing real estate purchase and sales.


With it, you can create loan schedules that have 1 to 52 payments a year, change paymentsand rates any time and for any period of time during the loan, and balloon the payment schedule, if necessary. By simply entering six pieces of information for the loan, and the beginning date and ending dates of payment and/or rate changes, you can prepare extremely creative financing options to both sellers and buyers, thereby maximizing your ability to close real estate transactions. Once theinformation is entered, you can prepare a professional amortization that itemizes every payment to present to bankers, buyers or sellers. Now, you can have a professional and creative financing options available anytime you need it What you need to use the software For PC-Compatible computers. The Creative Loan Analysis Software will run on any computer that will run Microsoft Windows 95 or higher(including Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 or higher). For Apple Macintosh and compatible computers The Creative Loan Analysis Software will run on any computer that will run MacOS version 7.1 or higher For both PC-Compatible and Apple Macintosh computers • A letter quality printer is required

If you are using Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or 3.11, a 16-bit version of the Creative Loan Analysissoftware is included on the CD in the WIN31 folder. Refer to the readme.txt file in the WIN31 folder on the CD for information on installing and using that version of the software


CREATIVE LOAN ANALYSIS the real estate success system

• At least 8 megabytes of RAM (the more the better, as with any application • At least 10 megabytes of free hard disk space How to install the softwareWindows Users Before you install the software you should restart you computer. Also, make sure no other programs are running. If the installation program does not automatically begin shortly after you insert the CD in the CD-ROM drive, choose Run from the Start menu, and type cdRomDrive:\setup to start the installation program (where cdRomDrive is the drive letter of your CD Rom). Follow the on screeninstallation instructions. The installer by default allows you to installer the other parts of the Real Estate Success System software package. If you only want to install the Creative Loan Analysis software, uncheck the other components when you reach the component screen. During installation, a program group named Real Estate Success System will be added to your Start|Programs menu. Within thatprogram group will be the Creative Loan Analysis program icon. After you have successfully installed your software, you should restart your computer. MacOS users Insert the CD into the CD Rom drive and double click on its icon when it appears on the desktop. Double click on the file named RE Success Installer in the window that opens and follow the on screen instructions. During installation, afolder named Real Estate Success System is created at the root of your hard drive. Inside that folder is created a folder named Creative Loan Analysis. Inside that folder is the Creative Loan Analysis icon you will double click to launch the program Starting the Creative Loan Analysis Software for the first time Windows Users Choose the Creative Loan Analysis icon from the Start|Programs|RealEstate Success menu.

CREATIVE LOAN ANALYSIS the real estate success system


MacOS users Open the Real Estate Success System folder and then the Creative Loan Analysis folder. Double click on the Creative Loan Analysis to launch the program. For all users The following screen will appear:

This screen appears every time you start your software.

After a few seconds, the About screen...
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