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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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“All my Sons” Essay
How does the audience's idea of Joe change as the play progresses? (write about 400 words)
Joe Keller is middle-aged, family man who worked in a factory where airlpane spareparts were produced. He is married with Kate, and he has two sons, Larry, who has died, and Chris. While the play progresses, the audience's idea of Joe changes gradually.
At the beginning ofthe play, he is shown as an middle aged man who used to entertain his neighbors, for example, Bert, “Now you're talkin', Bert. Now you're on the ball. First thing to know I'm liable to make you adetective” (p. 97),although he does not want to face the reality the newspaper presents every day: “I don't read the news part any more. It's more interesting in the want ads” (p. 90). The audience maythink he does not care anything but his family and specially his work. “(...)You were a nurse too long, Susie. You're too...realistic” (p. 94), “I ignore what I gotta ignore.” (p. 100). By the mentionedquotation the audience may think he disgust realistic people, or it is better to say he dislike people that does not share his same thoughts about reality. It can also be seen he is realistic as heknows Larry is dead, he accept it, “(To Keller) Chris: You know Larry's not coming back and I know it. (…) it's time she realized that nobody believes Larry is alive any more.” (p. 99).
What respectto his relationship with his son Chris, they seem to have a good relation, and his son seems to adore him. They share the business in Keller's factory, where airplane spread parts are produced. WhenChris tells his father he is marrying with Ann, Larry's girlfriend, Joe decided to hide this information to Kate, so as he has this attitude, the audience starts thinking he may be hiding more thingsthat are still unknown.
Moreover, Joe worked with Steve Deever, who was blamed because of the death of 21 pilots. Joe was also blamed, but then he was taken away from the jail as he was not...
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