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Aspects of Company Profile

Name: Cristián Campos Rehr
Teacher: Julie Kim
Date: November 12th

History and Evolution of Fly Emirates Page 3
Why it is Relevant to be studied?Page 4
In Which Industries it is present? Page 4
Financial Information Page 5
Aspects of the Industry it Competes: Main Competitors and Players Page 6
Countries in Which ithas Presence Page 6
Presence in Latin America Page 7
Latest News Page 8

History and Evolution of Fly Emirates
* The company born in 1985 likes Dubai Air Royal Wing.
*Start their operation with just two aircraft, a leased Boing 737, and Airbus 300.
* By 1986, the airline was adding new destinations such as Colombo, Dhaka, Amman, and Cairo to its route network.* In 1987 the airline opened new routes with London, Singapore, Frankfurt via Istanbul and Male.
* Emirates had become one of the world's fastest growing airlines by the early 1990’s.
*The Gulf War had helped Emirates by keeping other airlines out of the area.
* 1993: Partnership with US Airways. At this time Emirates was the sixth largest airline in the Middle East.
* Thegrowing cargo business accounted for 16 percent of the airline's total revenues.
*  These flights marked new non-stop air services between the United Arab Emirates and the USA.
* The targetimplies a future Emirates order for 30 of the world's largest airliner.
* Now, Fly Emirates is part of Star Alliance.

Why it is Relevant to be studied?
* It is the most potential Airline of thewest of Asia.
* It is the most recognized brand of the Middle East in West side of the world.
* Is a young Investing Group with just 25 years old.
* Their amazing rate of growth is veryimpressing.
* Their goal is quality, not quantity, with low cost tickets, that is relevant to be studied.

 In Which Industries it is present?
* Airlines
* Destination and Leisure...
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