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Employing Comedy: Family Guy
Summary:   Family Guy's spontaneous and sometimes foolish attitude is effective because it targets a general audience to either laugh at themselves or laugh at anotherspecific audience, a light-hearted yet potentially hurtful strategy MacFarlane employs throughout the series.

Seth MacFarlane, creator and director of the animated series Family Guy, employs thestrategy of spontaneity and rash sometimes "uncomfortable humor" to capture the audience. By taking advantage of generalizations with stereotypes, race and sex, MacFarlane continuously prods at the fineline of acceptability of the audience by employing these into his humor. MacFarlane prioritizes the use of spontaneity without visual context; where a character will reference an event in the pastand the show will rapidly change to that event, wasting no time to let the audience rest. The remarkable popularity of the show brought it back for a new season in 2005 after being canceled late 2001,proving MacFarlane's strategy for comedy original and refreshing.
As seen in the beginning of the clip, Peter, the father of the family, plays two gender roles: he acts as the aggressive husband byusing a condescending tone toward Lois, the mother, except the literal translation of his message is very passive. Peter says, "As the father of this household, I demand you to give me permission to goto the stag party." The oxymoronic nature of this statement is the "demand for permission" between two mutually accepting married people. Subconsciously the statement is more comedic than it is atthe time it is presented because it happens so quickly.
The proceeding events are more immediately humorous because of their rash nature and spontaneity. While contemplating the upcoming stag party,Lois, Peter's wife, encourages his not to drink at the party and reminds him of three occasions with alcohol he should consider. In one event, Peter is reminded of the time he asked an almost...
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