Analisis de las raices africanas en cuba

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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2011
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African Roots in Cuba

After having researched both poets Georgina Herrera and Nancy Morejon I can say their poems are similar in the fact that they both emphasize their Africanroots. These poets started at very young ages. Georgina Herrera began publishing poems in the news paper at the age of 16 and Nancy Morejon published a book of poetry at the age of 18. Both of thesewomen are proud of the afro-cuban heritage and embrace it in their poems. These women write about the problems of black women. In both poems of Georgina Herrera we can find the admiration she has forAfrica or better yet the heritage of African Culture. The poem that I liked the most was “Ibu Sedi” because uses the language used by her ancestors. I admire her will to not allow heritage to beforgotten. In this poem she mentions seven African powers. With this poem she gives a message that you should never forget who you are or where you come from. Nancy Morejon like Georgina Herrera embracesher African culture through her poems. A difference between Morejon and Herrera is that Morejon is somewhat of a feminist as you may see in her poems. A big part of her poetry deals with the struggleof black women. The poem of Nancy Morejon that caught my attention was “Black Women” This poem is about a slave that was brought over and sold had a child of her master was put to work like a muleand missed her home.
What I admire the most is the detail expressed the suffering, exploitation, longing, and loneliness. I also like the fact that it’s real and original. This poem shows the realitythat many slaves went through on their journey’s to different places in the world. These two women have tried to preserve and save the
importance that their heritage has. And so the rest of theAfro-Cubans can be proud of where they came from. And to show that all the suffering their ancestor went through wasn’t in vain. Both these women were very influenced by the group of writers known as...
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