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1. What is the meaning of the word Oracle?

The meaning of the word Oracle is priest or priestess acting as a medium through which advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classicalantiquity.

2. What are the three causes and motives of anger that Francis Bacon mentions?
Bacon cites three causes of anger especially:
1. Being overly sensitive – in other words, having feelings thatare too easily hurt.
2. Assuming that any injuring one receives from others was full of contempt and disrespect – in other words, immediately assuming that one has been disrespected.
3.Assuming that an injury will damage one’s reputation.
3. How must be “Anger” according to Bacon?

According to Bacon Anger must be limited and confined, both in race in time.

4. Which are the twomeanings of Anger according to bacon in his essay?

According to Bacon the first meaning of Anger in the second paragraph is that Anger is like ruin, which breaks itself upon that it falls. TheScripture exhorted us to possess our souls in patience. Whosoever is out of patience is out of possession of his soul.
The second meaning of Anger according to Bacon in the third paragraph is a kind ofbaseness.
5. What is the better Oracle according to Bacon at the beginning of the essay?
According to Bacon in the first part of the essay Bacon mentions that he has better oracles that were be angry,but sin not. Let not the sun go down upon your anger.

6. According to Bacon what is the effect of Anger in people?
According to Bacon the effect of anger in people was to trouble’s men’s life.
7.Does the title of this essay “Of Anger” is made visible and it is through the essay? Explain
The title of this essay is really visible almost in every paragraph because in the first paragraph ittalks about the structure of the essay and how Bacon will demonstrate anger in every paragraph. Then he presents at every paragraph a different meaning for the word anger. This makes the title of the...
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