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[pic] 2/WTRF

Written tasks rationale form: language A2

Submit to: Examiner Arrival date: Session: May

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School number:

School name: .TheEnglish School, Bogotá, Colombia

Type or write legibly using black ink and retain a copy of this form.

Complete one copy of this form for each task.

Complete this form in the target language.The rationale will not be included in the word count.

To complete this form, refer to the written tasks assessment details in the Language A2 guide.

Subject: EnglishLevel: Higher

Candidate name: Caroline Arango
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Candidate Session Number:

Option to which the task is linked. Ifliterary option, the text title(s) should be included (for example, George Orwell, 1984). If cultural option, the topic should be included (for example, media-propaganda).

Jean Rhys Interview

Title(if appropriate): N/A

Area of communication and type of text: Mass communication: Interview

Subject: Interview

Purpose: To inform about the success of black people over white peopleand Creole in the burning of Coulibri.

Audience: Black people reading a black News.

Context (where appropriate): Jamaica- the burning of Coulibri.

International BaccalaureateForm 2/WTRF (reverse)

School name: The English School, Bogota

In the space below, provide the following information:
your objectives and how you have attempted to achieve them
specific examplesshowing how this was done
comments on how the task demonstrates an understanding of the cultural or literary option on which it is based.

- To inform about the success of blackpeople over “white cockroaches”.
- To show Myra’s feelings and thoughts during the burn of Coulibri.
- To show knowledge of the novel by using specific details of the burning.
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