Analisis del rey burgues

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Sample Lesson Plan

Sixth Grade Language Arts Class

I. Objectives:

A. Students will be able to use quotation marks correctly to signal direct dialogue.
B. Students will be able to useparagraphs to signal a change in speaker.
C. Students will be able to use articulate respect and appreciate diverse language
D. Students will be able to use consider audienceeffects that differing dialects have in
different circumstances.

II. Materials: Soup by Robert Newton Peck

III. Procedures and Sequence of the Experience:
A. As an introduction to thisactivity, students will free write on one or more of the
following topics. In writing about the topic, students are to capture a conversation
they had with their friends about the particularincident. (10 minutes)
1. A memorable time they spent with their best friend.
2. A time that they and their best friend got into trouble.
B. Read aloud from Soup by Robert Newton Peck (15minutes)
C. Large group discussion: (10-15 minutes)
1. What about the story did you especially like?
2. Do you think that this is a true story? Why or why not? What evidence is
3.What does Peck do to make you feel a part of the story?
4. How did Peck and his friend talk to each other?
5. Did that seem like real children would talk? Did it sound like conversationyou would hear in your neighborhood?
6. Notice how the author signals that someone is talking. How does he do that?
Is it ever confusing as to who is talking? How do you know who the speakeris?
D. Individual Seat Work: Ask student to go back to their stories and add snippets of
dialogue and details. (5-10 minutes)
E. Extensions and Adaptations
1. Reread sections of"Soup" while students write down particular specific snippets of
2. Ask students to rewrite Peck’s dialogue the ways that they would have said it.
3. Ask student to read their story...
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