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Edgar Allan Poe (January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849)
He was an American poet, short-story writer, editor, and literary critic, and is considered part of the American Romantic Movement
He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe, whose parents died when he was young, was taken in by John and Frances Allan, of Richmond, Virginia but was never formally adopted by them. After spending ashort period at the University of Virginia and briefly attempting a military career, Poe and the Allans parted ways. Poe's publishing career began humbly, with an anonymous collection of poems, Tamerlane and Other Poems (1827), credited only to "a Bostonian".
Poe switched his focus to prose and spent the next several years working for literary journals and periodicals, becoming known for his ownstyle of literary criticism. His work forced him to move between several cities, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York City. In Baltimore in 1835, he married Virginia Clemm, his 13-year-old cousin. His wife died of tuberculosis two years later. He began planning to produce his own journal, The Penn (later renamed The Stylus), though he died before it could be produced. OnOctober 7, 1849, at age 40, Poe died in Baltimore; the cause of his death is unknown and has been attributed to alcohol, brain congestion, cholera, drugs, heart disease, rabies, suicide, tuberculosis, and other agents.
Author purpose:
the people entertain whit the story

Literary Genre

This book belongs to the literary genre of: Short Story
This literary genre is usually fictional narrativeprose and tends to be more concise and to the point than longer works of fiction, such as novellas and novels. The short stories possesses less characters than these others literary genres.
Literary School
His literary school was dark romanticism and gothic.
*“The Black Cat”
This story begins with the narrator telling that he has loved animals, so he and his wife have many pets.His favorite one was a black cat named Pluto. Their friendship lasted for many years, but he began an alcoholic. One night, when he was drunk, he hurts Pluto and this one bite him, so he gouges out the cat’s eye with a knife. Pluto stayed away from his master, and this irritated more the narrator so he decided to hang it from a tree to kill it. That night, mysteriously, the man’s house began toburn.
Days later, the narrator found in the tavern a black cat without an eye like Pluto, except that this cat had a white patch on its chest, and he bring it home.
One day when the narrator and his wife were visiting the cellar in the new home, the cat tripped him down the stairs, and this caused the fury on the man. He caught an axe and tried to kill the cat, but his wife stopped him, so he buriedthe axe in her skull. To hide her body he removed bricks from a wall and placed there the body and then repaired it. When the police came to investigate they didn’t found anything at first, but then they visited the cellar, and there a sound filled the room, and the wall came down revealing the corpse of the woman and in her head was the black cat.

Theme and author’s purpose
The theme in thisstory is alcohol abuse and how this conduce to loss everything you have and love.
The author’s purpose is to make us know how the alcohol can change your life in a very wrong way; you can hurt the people that surround you and loss everything you possesses and love. And he worst of all is that you damage your health, causing death.

Main characters
The man: he loved animals. The alcoholchanged him in a man without control, anxious, violent and converted him into a mad one.

*”The Cask of Amontillado”
This story is about a man named Montresor and how he took his revenge on Fortunato, because he insulted him and his family.
Montresor described the night that he killed Fortunato. During the Carnival, Montresor baited Fortunato by telling him that he has obtained a pipe of...
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