Analisis en ingles de casablanca, la pelicula

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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2010
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Casablanca, a city where European refugees fleeing the Second War of the Germans need to go to get a visa to take them to Lisbon and from there to the dream paradise of freedom: theUnited States. Rick resides there. A U.S. cynical, lonely, hard, that basically is a sentimentalist. " Rick has a dubious past and has decided to end his days in Casablanca, where bar called Rick's andnext to Sam, his pianist friend black. You no longer expect anything.
But one night two facts will change your life: Ugarte, a man who sells permits to leave Casablanca, asks to guard those who stolefrom a German post, which also killed.These roles are the passport open to anyone in the world. And they cost millions. Ugarte is arrested at Rick's own bar by police seeking such permitsstolen. Ugarte seeks help from Rick: "No risk my neck out for nobody," he responds. And Ugarte died while trying to flee. Minutes after this, Rick was surprised again. She is on a table next to Sam's piano,enjoying the silence of that song that witnessed the love of both her playing and asked him rick denied.
The timing of Ilse and Rick were reunited with tearful eyes looking with sadness and pain to thoseof Bogart, unbelieving, happy, resentful. Looks just looks and no words at that time.
"Of all the coffees in the world, she had to come to mine," says Rick drunk when he and Sam just stay in the barclosed, at dark, that night of the reunion.
Everything happens in a couple of days. Ilse is not alone in the city. Czech accompanies her husband, a senior leader of the Resistance named VictorLaszlo, who needs to get out of Casablanca and reach the United States. His departure is the life and liberty of thousands of people. But Laszlo is cornered and Rick is the only one that has the permissionsthat can save him. What prevents them from being generous is that he is in love with the wife of Laszlo.
In this struggle for freedom and love, Ilse asked to Rick, who still loves passionately,...
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