Analisis: los proximos 3 dás y hombre en llamas en ingles

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Film 1:los proximos 3 dias
The Film:

Start:Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks
Director:Paul Haggis.
Producer: Paul Haggis, Marc Missonier, Michael Nozik y Olivier Delbosc.


What was it about?: John's wife is arrested for a crime she don't do. Three years later
was sentenced to life impresionment.
John will have three days to free his wife because other wise itshe will be relocatet to
a maximum security jail.

Describe what happen in your favorite scene?: My favorite scene is when john and his wife
try to escape to police.

Who was your favoritecharacter? why?: John is my favorite character because he diviser
a plan very difficulte and puts it in gear.

what did you think of the ending?: yeh ending is predictable but very good whit plentyof action

Your opinion:

The acting are very good

The music is make by dany elfman. It is instrumental and has much pino and violin.
The music is good and in line withsome parts of the movie.

Special effects:
Are grate. They are go erally explosion.

The costumes is good but boring

Score: XXXX

Film 2:Man on fire
start:Denzel Washington , Christopher Walken y Dakota Fanning
director:Tony Scott
producer:Lucas Foster, arnon milchan, tony scott

The story]
What was it about?: In Mexico City, a former assassin swearsrevenge against those who have committed a heinous act against the family to which he was hired to protect.

Describe what happen in your favorite scene?: I like the part where torture to thebrother of the kidnapper to release information.
Who was your favorite character? why?: John W. Creasy because it's very noble and brave.

what did you think of the ending?: The end has a good part asPita returned with his mother, but on the other hand John died sacrificing for Pita.

Your opinion:
Acting: The acting is very good some much and impressive
Music: The music make by Harry...
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