Analisis pride and prjudice

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Discussion Questions
Social customs and traditions played an important role in19th century daily life. What are social customs and traditions? Give examples from pride and prejudice. Why do you think people observe traditions and customs? Social custom: is something that the people always do.Tradition: is an action that started years ago and continues each year like: Christmas.
A social custom in the 19th century and in the movie were the parties, this parties were do often each week, in that social custom people took their daughters and tried to join with men of royal families. A example of one of this parties is the one that the Byngles’ done the done this party when they reach thecountry because that was the custom. Another custom were the dinner families used to have, the dances, etc
The reasons people marry today, are: love at difference that in 19th century is the most important reason people often marry today, because if the pair doesn’t love both will be unhappy and miserable. Love is also important today, because now the social class, and the family you have isnot important, people that marry today only want to be happy.
– Compare and contrast the notion of an accomplished woman in 19th century society and today. What are the differences and similarities? Were men held to the same standards in the 19th century? Today? Were men and women equally rewarded for their merits or efforts in the 19th century society? Today? Use examples tosupport your answers. An accomplished woman in the 19th century for most of the people, was the woman who has all the talents, characteristics she was supposed to have, these talents were: dance, play the piano, draw, etc. Another characteristic that an accomplished woman should had in that century was to be fully established this mean that a women must have a good family, a good house and money. Anexample of woman like this was Mrs. Darcy because she could play the piano, draw, she had a good family, house, and a lot of money
The similarities, of an accomplished woman of today and the woman of the 19th century are that an accomplished woman of today is also supposed to have a good family and a good house.
But today an accomplished man, is mostly held to the same standards that women,because today’s men are supposed to be married, to have a job and to be successful in the life.
In the 19th century, men were more rewarded for their merits an efforts that women, because women in that century were in a lower level than men. And example of this is that never in that century women had the opportunity of have a job. But today peoples mind have change a lot and now women and menare equally rewarded for their merits and jobs, women in this century can work, moreover there women that are presidents like the president of Argentina .
4.- What was the importance of having a son in the 19th century? Why does Mr. Bennet complain of not having a son?
Having a son in the 19th century, was really important when you were married, because if you have no son and only daughtersyou will lose all of your fortune, because women couldn’t inherit nothing from their parents at difference that men that they could inherit the properties of his parents. That was one of the reasons Mr. Bennet complain of not having a single son in his family because when he dies, Mr. Collins will inherit all his properties including his house. Other reason that Mr. Bennet complain of not having ason was that: We think when you’re man your wish is to have at list one son.
5.- What different classes do you see evidence of in Pride and Prejudice? Do the different classes interact? If so, how?
These classes interact a lot in the social life, in dances, meetings and so other. However it was the middle class the one that was interested in the high class, and not the opposite.
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