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How to Analyze a Short Story
* Author an Title:
* Alice Monroe
* The red dress, it doesn’t suggest something related to the theme of the story.
* Plot:
* The main eventsof this story revolve around this girl who is about to go to the Christmas prom.
* In the beginning the mother of this girl is making a red dress for her daughter. She didn’t want to go, butshe still goes to the prom with her friend Lonnie. In the prom due to being unpopular no one ask her to dance. Later she goes with Mary and start talking while they´re smoking. When they were about togo of the prom a guy asks this girl to dance with him.
In the final of the book this guy takes the main character of the story to her house. There he kisses her. In her house she starts to think aboutthe obligation she has to be happy.
* The story have a surprising ending because we expected that the main character was going to left the prom with Mary and drink hot chocolate whit her.* The main character of the story doesn’t have a name (it wasn’t mentioned). Other important character for the story is Mary; we think that she shares a similar way of thinking like the maincharacter.
* Central conflict:
* The main conflict for the main character is that she doesn’t want to go to the Christmas prom. She has an internal conflict with her mother. With the society, sheexpects that she’s that she’s unpopular ad guys that are considered heroes in the school won’t like because of that status.
* Setting:
* The prom is on winter season it’s related becausethe prom is named Christmas prom, also it occurs in the night. The social situation for the main character as we said earlies is of pessimism because she thinks that her social status is a factor thatwould make things more difficult for her.
* The setting was created for us with the details of how the girls read there. It contributes to the mood the main character has because she and Mary...
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