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Appearance matters with Web pages, just as it does in many other situations. A polished look to your resume creates a good first impression and invites confidence.Content organization drives visual org.
Good visual org. makes it easy to locate content.
Goals of this chapter:
* Proximity
* Alignment
* Consistency
* Contrast
The fourprinciples:
Proximity: This is one of the Gestalt principles discussed in chapter 2. Applying proximity can add clarity to a page by organizing related items. Proximity means that things that appear closetogether are relates. This mockup of the site shows some proximity, but it’s possible to apply proximity again to organize the links into coherent groups.
Alignment: The Gestalt psychology concept ofcontinuity leads directly to the next principle of visual organization, which is alignment. Align items that are related or have equal importance. When starting out in the area of visual organization,the easiest and most effective way to use alignment is to choose a single alignment style for whole page.
Consistency: Consistency is one of the most powerful tools for making a website understableand easy to navigate. Consistency here means a high degree of uniformity in layout within a page uniformity in layout across pages. The graphical organization consists of an illustration in thecenter, which is surrounded by links to other pages. The arrangement forms columns on either side of the central graphic.
Contrast: The final one of the four principles is contrast. Contrast can drawattention to items on your page and reinforce the content hierarchy by creating a visual hierarchy. Text that is large and bold will be perceived as being more important than smaller text. When you decideto make two items different, make them really, really different.
If you apply the four principles—proximity, alignment, consistency and contrast—to your Web page, the result will be a...
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