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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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Soft-Tissue Injuries
Las lesiones de tejidos blandos

Presentado por:
Mayra Alejandra Ramírez

Presentado a:
Liliam Yolanda Chapal

Patología y evaluación osteomuscular

Fundaciónuniversitaria María cano
Facultad de salud
Santiago de Cali 2011
Soft-Tissue Injuries

All injuries that occur in war are injuries to tissue that must be closed before, that these may becomeinfected and cause death or if such amputation of the infected soft tissue functions are to maintain and preserve life of living beings.
Pre-Surgical Care: This is to prevent infection with someantibiotics and cleaning pre-washed in the surgical wound.

Should bear in mind that patients with wounds should be in a part where it is not prone to infection care and keep standing.
The priorities ofwound care are to keep the patient alive, maintain stable wounds in the extremities has given strict care to avoid such a deadly infection.
After the injury occurred to keep the patient with antibioticsbefore surgery, if needed, immobilize the fracture to prevent more serious damage of tissues.
Primary care in wound care should be:
Removal of foreign bodies and complete care of the wounddemobilizing the patient.

THE RISKS, do not drink to heal the wounds, using antibiotics and tetanus if necessary to stabilize this can probably reduce infection and pain.
The longitudinal incisions mustbe done in parallel along the axis of the limb, this in order to expose the entire deep zone of injury.
It is important to use longitudinal incisions to allow proximal and distal extension as needed.Emergency war is important to remove all the muscles that are committed to presenting infection where total loss.

To determine if the muscle is damaged we need to assess the observation of thesurface of the muscle takes on a color due to a decrease in the blood, this process requires a pinch of tweezers. To assess the movement of tissue from a bleeding wound that needs to be fresh.