Analysis about book pride and prejudice

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1. Marriage between the 19th century and today are completely different people didn’t fall in love, become boyfriend/girlfriend and then get married like we do today. The met and supposedly fell in love and got married really fast. Sometimes and most of the time marriages were set up by the parents even before the child was born. One’s wealth and social status had a lot to do with who and howyou got married. Many women married a man for his money and not for real love. You can see that still happens today but the percentage is not the same. Sometimes people got married for necessity. One’s family was in money problems so the oldest daughter would marry a rich guy to “support” her family. When people really did fall in love their union wasn’t as easy as it is today. Many times it didn’teven happen due to social and economical problems. People would normally marry other people in their same social status or like I said before, due to parent’s obligation. Plus women would get married at a very young age. Staring approximately from 14 years old, sometimes even to men twice their age, since women couldn’t study or work they stayed at home to do domestic chores while the husband wasthe one who had to support the family. The husband was the one who usually had “control” or more authority in the relationship. A woman had to do what her husband said.
Today marriage works very different. People are more free to marry whom ever they want. Social status still is a factor but not like it was before. Women now get married a lot older. They finish studying, start on their carrierand then get married. Of course this isn’t always the case but normally, it’s this way. Now both husband and wife support the family and the husband isn’t the one who has more authority. Today both are the same. (1)

2. Pride is a sense in someone’s own dignity or value. It’s a feeling of honor and self respect. Prejudice is judgment of someone or something before really knowing it. It’sthinking certain things without having the facts to prove them. (2) In the movie you can see prejudice between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. When she didn’t know the complete story between Mr. Darcy and Wickham she said: “Wickham is twice the man Darcy is.”
She was prejudging because she didn’t really know either Mr. Darcy or Wickham. Or at Mr. Bingley’s ball when she said “I've sworn to loathe him forall eternity.”, referring to Mr. Darcy. She hated him for first impressions and rumors.
Both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth had certain idea of one another before evening getting to know each other. (3)

3. Because Mrs. Bennett knew it was going to rain so she assumed Jane would get sick and therefore Mr. Bingley would let her stay in his house. This way they would have more time to be together andfall in love, which was what Mrs. Bennett wanted so that would lead to a marriage. When she got the letter from Jane saying she was sick she said to her husband: “Now she'll have to stay the night,
Exactly as I predicted.” (4)

4. One of the reasons Elizabeth didn’t accept Mr. Darcy is because she found out he was the one that convinced Mr. Bingley to forget about Jane and leave. He had told Mr.Bingley Jane was indifferent so he should forget about her. Elizabeth said to him “Do you deny that you separated a young couple who loved each other, exposing your friend to censure for caprice and my sister to derision for disappointed hopes, involving them both in acute misery?”
Elizabeth was furious about this because she knew how much her sister loved him and obviously was going to defendher.
Another reason is because Wickham had told her terrible things about Mr. Darcy which gave her a very bad impression of him. Like how he had left him without anything the fortune.

“Your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize you were the last man in the world I could ever marry.”

5. Character 1: Elizabeth. She is a thin, brown...
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