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Analysis of the Movie Matilda
Emilia Paris
Ana G. Mendez University System

Matilda’s Movie
On big strokes the movie is basically about a girl name Matilda. Her father Harry, motherZinnia and brother Michael did not appreciate and ignore this very intelligent and wonderful girl. She grows up without love, appreciation, security and friendship. Matilda found in books the connection tothe world, and used to learn. When she attend to school establish a strong union with her teacher, and it was the first person that saw how special that she was. The school was directed by a badprincipal that though fear tries to control the children, abusing physical and psychological way.
The wonderful relation that Matilda has with her teacher motivate her to use her skills to help allthe innocents kids and Miss Honey. She discovers that her world can turn it to a nice place, when she accomplishes all her dreams. Miss Honey became the new principal of the school and adopts her,having both the most wonderful thing a family.
Analysis of the movie Matilda based on Maslow theory.
Maslow theory is divided in five steps. The first one: The Basic necessities of human beingto survive r we can say the physiological needs (food, shelter, water, and clothing). According what I so in Matilda movie, this girl sins she was born has to look up to herself and learn how tosurvive, because her parents did not take care of her. Comparing this to the Maslow first step (and most important and basic for human beings), this little girl survive, and accomplish this level with aminimum help. The parents only supplies with the shelter and cloth, but she learn how to eat and feed herself. When she was two years old, she already knows things that a 30 year old person will do tosurvive. On this dysfunctional family we can observe how the parents only focus on there on necessities and Matilda’s brother.
The second step of Maslow pyramid is: Security needs (needs for...
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