Analysis of the lady and the tiger story

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Analysis of the story The Lady or the Tiger?

Setting: This story has an imaginary time and place. It is developed in a kingdom whose king is “semi- barbaric”.
• MainCharacters:
*The King: a semi –barbaric man with an implacable
A very clever, famous and strong man.
* The princess: A beautiful, strong and clever girl just as her father . She wasconsider as a dangerous girl at those times.
* The gardener : A young handsome man who was got in love with the princess.
• Secondary Characters:
*The tiger
* The young ladybehind the door.
*People from that kingdom.

The story is told in third person singular omniscient point of view. This means that the narrator knows the thoughts and theactions of all the characters.
The story is in a fairy –tale mode . The narrator comments on the story, elaborating on the princess’ role challenging the reader to consider wisely and take theresponsibility of the end.

This story is divided in three parts. The first past describes the king’s justice system and the way he carried his kingdom. The second part of the storyconcerns to the love affair and how the king discover it, also it includes the young man’s sentencing to trial in the stadium. In the third part, the narrator focuses on the princess’ decision-makingprocess and describes the moment of crisis in the stadium, when the reader must decide what is behind the fateful left-hand door.

The lady or the tiger describes a semi barbaric kingwho was unhappy about the amount of wrongdoers his kingdom had. So he was looking for a solution to this problem. It was in this way he decided to build a big stadium to punish all the wrongdoers infront of the all the people to choose between two blue doors placed at the end of the stadium in order to lead to their freedom or to a terrible death., since in one of the door there was a beautiful...
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