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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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Bulimia nervosa is characterized by repetitive binge caused by ingesting food in a short period of time in an amount greater than usual and also losing control overeating the same. Oriented behavior is often seen to prevent weight gain such as fasting and binge eating occur twice a week for three months. Finally, individuals with this disorder show that theirbehaviors are influenced by society and their self-esteem regarding her physical beauty is very low.

People suffering from bulimia feel out of control during periods of overeating and usually eachtime the manifest such behavior have to be alone because they are embarrassed by their behavior. The bulimic behavior accompanied with feelings of guilt and shame promising themselves that they willnot start again. But continue to avoid the food and that causes them to feel, after a while, the need to eat again and that's where binge again and the cycle repeats.

Bulimia can be noted forcertain behaviors that are manifested in the individual, these are reserved and compulsive behavior, indiscriminate use of laxatives, diuretics, amphetamines and forms of purging (vomiting). Anothersymptom is the theft of food, or behaviors associated with drug and alcohol abuse and self-mutilation, excessive worry about their image and their weight and sexual activity in these people is superficialor promiscuous. Finally bulimia gives the patient an awareness of hunger but her eating disorder does not connect with it.

People with asthma should follow a holistictreatment which affect several specialists such as nutritionists, psychoanalysts and physicians or endocrinologists. It is also worth noting that the participation of the affected family is essential forrecovery, since family issues are usually the cause of these diseases. It is recommended that if a young man he recognizes these symptoms, you should approach any institution of public or private...
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