Anarchist manifesto

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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Anarchist Manifesto
Jeronimo Uribe

Anarchism is a definite current in the life of our time, whose adherents advocate the abolition of economic monopolies and of all politicaland social coercive institutions within society. In place of the present capitalistic economic order, Anarchists would have a free association of all productive forces based uponco-operative labour, which would have as its sole purpose the satisfying of the necessary requirements of every member of society, and would no longer have in view the specialinterest of privileged minorities within the social union. In place of the present state-organizations with their lifeless machinery of political and bureaucratic institutions,Anarchists desire a federation of free communities which shall be bound to one another by their common economic and social interests and shall arrange their affairs by mutual agreement andfree contract.

Anyone who studies at all profoundly the economic and political development of the present social system will easily recognize that these objectives do notspring from Utopian ideas of a few imaginative innovators, but that they are logical outcome of a thorough examination of the present day social maladjustments, which with every newphase of the existing social conditions manifest themselves more plainly and more unwholesomely. Modern monopoly, capitalism and the totalitarian state are merely the lasts terms in adevelopment which could culminate in no other results.
The portentous development of our present economic system, leading to a mighty accumulation of social wealth in the handsof privileged and to a continuous impoverishment of the great masses of the people, prepared the way for the present political and social reaction, and befriended it in every way.
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