Anatomia y fisiologia cardiopulmonar

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Essential Equations

Chapter 2
Transairway pressure:

Pta Pm Ptp Palv Palv Palv Pbs Ppl Poiseuille’s law for flow: V Poiseuille’s law for pressure: Airway resistance: Raw P V P (cm H2O) V (L/sec) (Raw) V (L) P (cm H2O) (CL) Pr4 8l P V 8l r4

Transpulmonary pressure: Transthoracic pressure: Lung compliance: CL Elastance: P V P ST r Ptt


Time constants: TC (sec)Laplace’s law:

Minute alveolar ventilation:





Chapter 3

The Diffusion of Pulmonary Gases
Gay-Lussac’s law: P1/T1 P2/T2

Boyle’s law (solving for volume): T1 V1 V2 P2 Boyle’s law (solving for pressure): T1 V1 P2 V2 Charles’ law: V1/T1 V2/T2

Gay-Lussac’s law (solving for pressure): T1 T2 P2 T1 Dalton’s law: Gas A 1 2GMW Gas B Gas A P2) B A.D. (P1 TCharles’ law (solving for volume): V1 T2 V2 T1

Fick’s law: V gas Graham’s law:

Ideal alveolar gas equation: PAO2 [BP PH2O] FIO2 PaCO2 (1.25)

Chapter 5
Cardiac output: CO Blood pressure: P

The Anatomy and Physiology of the Circulatory System
SV CO BP CO HR SVR (continues on inside back cover)

Vascular resistance:

Essential Equations (continued)

Chapter 6
O2 bound to Hb: 1.34Dissolved O2: PaO2

Oxygen Transport
g% Hb 0.003 0.003) SaO2 Total O2 delivery: DO2 QT (CaO2 10)

Oxygen content of arterial blood: CaO2 (Hb 1.34 SaO2) (PaO2

Arterial-venous oxygen content difference: C (a v)O2 CaO2 CvO2 Oxygen consumption: VO2 Oxygen extraction ratio: QS QT QT [C(a CaO2 CaO2 CvO2 v)O2 CvO2 CaO2 10]

Oxygen content of mixed venous blood: CvO2 (Hb 1.34 SvO2) PvO2 0.003)Oxygen content of pulmonary capillary blood: CCO2 (Hb 1.34) (PAO2 0.003)


Shunt equation:

Chapter 7

Carbon Dioxide Transport and Acid-Base Balance
pK log [HCO3 ] [H2CO3]

Henderson-Hasselbalch equation: pH

Chapter 8

Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships

Respiratory quotient: RQ

Chapter 15
Stroke volume: SV CO HR SVI CO BSA

Hemodynamic MeasurementsRight ventricular stroke work index: RVSWI SVI (PA CVP) 0.0136 g/mL SV BSA Left ventricular stroke work index: LVSWI SVI (MAP PCWP) Pulmonary vascular resistance: PA PCWP 80 PVR CO Systemic vascular resistance: SVR MAP CVP CO 80 0.0136 g/mL

Stroke volume index: Cardiac index: CI

Chapter 17
Maximum heart rate: 220

Exercise and Its Effects on the Cardiopulmonary System
age Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology
Essentials for Respiratory Care

To Ken and Esther

Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology
Essentials for Respiratory Care
FOURTH EDITION Terry Des Jardins, MEd, RRT
Department of Respiratory Care Parkland College Champaign, Illinois






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