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  • Publicado : 21 de septiembre de 2010
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Final oral exam
1. Have you ever been surprised by someone’s gestures or non-verbal actions?
2. What was the gesture?
3. What happened?
4. How are gestures different from speech?5. What are some tourist activities you’ve done?
6. Have you ever met a famous person? Talk about the experience
7. Talk about something dangerous you have done
8. What’s an unusual foodyou’ve tried? Talk about it
9. What’s the most common greeting in your country?
10. Talk about a movie you’ve seen. Was it good? Would you recommend it?
11. What would you rather see: acomedy or a musical? Why?
12. What’s your favorite movie genre? Why?
13. Can violent movies be dangerous? Explain
14. Who should not see violent movies? Why?
15. What’s your opinionabout violence in movies and on TV?
16. How many violent programs do you watch on TV each week? Do you consider that affects you? Why or why not?
17. Imagine you are staying at a hotel. Whichhotel services would you use? Why?
18. What are the most important aspects that you take into account when choosing a hotel?
19. Talk about a hotel you’ve stay at?
20. Talk about your favoritehotel facilities
21. Which hotel services are important to you?
22. Which type of accommodation is best for you when you travel? Why?
23. What are you favorite hotel room amenities andservices?
24. Do you prefer to stay in a hotel or to camp under the stars? Why?
25. What are the difficulties of driving abroad?
26. What should you do before a trip to another country?27. In your opinion, what are some good driving behaviors?
28. In your opinion, what are some bad driving behaviors?
29. Describe an accident you or someone you know had
30. What’s yourfavorite kind of car? Why?
31. Have you or someone you know ever rented a car?
32. What are some of the things people can do to improve their appearance?
33. Do you think people should...
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