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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2010
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The beginning of the conventional medicine gives beginnings in the fifth century B.C. in the former Greece.

How does it works
The conventional medicine is the medicine as her therepractices those persons who have titles of doctor of medicine and his associate professionals of the health, as physical therapists, psychologists and qualified nurses. Some professionals of theconventional medicine are also professionals of the complementary and alternative medicine. Though there exists some scientific forceful information on some therapies of the complementary and alternativemedicine, in general it is a question of essential occasions that they happen in the human body that still they must be answered by means of scientific designed well studies, this one works principally withoperations of the human body and with a series of treatment of tablets.
Popular or not
It is very popular since many persons in the whole world surrender to series of operations already be forcomfort or for need, but also the persons at present these consuming of mas the tablets turning into addicts to them which does that it starts disappearing and starting implanting in all the countries ofthe world the chiropractics. Nevertheless always it is going to be popular due to the fact that the medicine is never going to finish with a disease that appears always the human being is going tolook for one recovers for it.
Type of illness it cure
* If I'm involved in a serious auto accident, I want the ambulance to take me to the nearest high-tech trauma center. Mainstream or conventionalmedicine is definitely the way to go for serious injuries, but say I developed chronic pain as a result of the accident. Beyond narcotics, conventional medicine could be help that you need but thatdepends of you because if you are allergic at some medicines this couldn't help you, but too we could use the conventional medicine to some illness like these:
* Mononucleosis
* Cancer...
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